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The Comanche Early Childhood Center services students birth to 4 years old (cannot be 5 before September 1st). All applications can be picked up and dropped off at 200 E. Highland Ave, Comanche, TX, 76442. Please come to south side door of the parking lot.


In Order for your child’s application to be considered for Early Head Start or Head Start, we must have the following items attached to the application….

~ Income Verification (income tax, W-2, child support, income for all employment in the last 12 months).

~ Proof of Birth (birth certificate, hospital record, baptismal record, proof of guardianship-if applicable).

~ Proof of Residency (utility bill - electric, gas)-Needs to be in the child's file. 

~ Foster Forms (if applicable).

~ Medicaid, CHIPS, or Private Insurance Verification

Immunization Records.


Comanche Early Childhood Center

200 E Highland, Comanche, TX 76442


Fax: 325-201-9272

Early Head Start Documents may be emailed to Rachel Constancio

Head Start Documents my be emailed to Lorena Hernandez

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Campus Behavior Coordinator: Kelli Lawrence, Principal