1:1 Computing -- is an environment where students and teachers have around-the-clock use of a notebook computer as well as online and offline access to educational software and digital authoring tools.


Project Details
Plans for 1:1 computing at Comanche Independent School District began in the spring of 2009 through a vision of teachers, technology specialist and administrators. Programs were presented to the Comanche One-To-One Team (COTO), and discussions were held on the best plan of action for our district. Then with school board approval in July of 2009 the multi-part planning stages began.

Throughout the COTO implementation process, teachers learned how to include 21st Century learning tools in their classrooms, making their lessons more engaging. Students acquire the skills needed to compete in a world where technology is a standard working tool.

Funding for COTO is made available through yearly budgeting, grant opportunities and collaboration with other educational entities.

Distribution History:
  • 2009-2010
  • Laptops Given to Teachers/Professional Development for JH/HS Teachers
    Spring- Laptops Given to 7th-12th Grade Students
  • 2010-2011
    Spring- Laptops Given to Elementary and Middle School Teachers/Professional Development Continued

  • 2011-2012 Assessment
  • 2012-2013 Developments
    • Fall- The district received the Technology Lending Program Grant (TLPG) allowing for the expansion of COTO
      • Laptops computers are purchased for all 6th grade students allowing another grade to join the COTO program
      • Parent and student meetings are held to introduce the COTO program
      • Teachers of 6th grade students receive professional development in classroom use and management of 1:1 computing
      • Existing computers shared throughout the middle school are assigned to 4th and 5th grade classes increasing access
  •  2013-2016 Expansion
  •  Continued growth of technology by placing more Chromebooks and Ipads in Elementary Grades in carts.
  • Purchased new Laptops for Grades 9-12 and moved existing inventory to lower grades as classroom sets.
  • Purchased refurbished desktops and created a Math Lab for Elementary Grades 2-3.
  •   2016-2018
  • Purchased Chromebooks for Grades 6-8.  Moved existing inventory to lower grades.
  • Expanded Math Lab to double its size with addition of gifted systems.
  • Purchased new laptops for High School students and HS & JH teachers.
  •   2018-2021
  • 84 iPads
  • 1343 Chromebooks (Completely 1:1 from Pre-K to 12)
  • 65 Dell Laptops for Teachers
  • 100 Hotspots for students to be connected during At-Home Learning