School Health Services

Nurse:     Linda Loya, RN.   Grades Pre-K - 5th
Nurse:  Patsy Welch, LVN.  JH & CECC
Nurse:  Betty Molk, LVN.  High School;  CTE Instructor

Comanche ISD is committed to sustaining a safe, healthy, drug-free educational environment for all students. With that in mind please check out the links to the right that will help you and your child stay healthy and in school.
School Health Advisory Council
The council meets four times a year. Additional meetings are scheduled if needed.

1. Enhances quality of life of students
2. Resolves important youth issues
3. Promotes opportunities for diverse community members to work together
4. Affirms the importance of health education in schools


1. Program planning
2. Fiscal planning (includes proposals to the school board, and writing grants for funding)
3. Advocacy
4. Promoting a healthy environment
5. Evaluation, accountability and quality control

The healthy child of today ensures the development of a life long learner who is productive citizen and parent of tomorrow. The School Health Advisory committee is comprised of parents, community members, CISD staff, and any person with a willingness to practice active listening skills and participate in building consensus.

School Health Advisory Committee Postings

Wellness Policy Assessment

Comanche ISD is required to post a Wellness Policy.  We are also required to have Assessments at least triennially.  The most recent assessment can be found here:

Comanche ISD Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy Triennial Assessment Tool