What is MTSS?

Multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) is a framework with a tiered infrastructure that uses data to help match academic, social-emotional, and behavioral assessment and instructional resources to each and every student’s needs.  MTSS was previously referred to as RtI (Response to Intervention).  We offer a variety of research-based highly effective programs and services in order to meet the individual needs of our students.

If you have any questions or concerns about programs or services being provided to your child, please give us a call.


What are the MTSS tiers?

The MTSS tiers are:

  • TIER 1 – Universal Instruction: The high-quality classroom instruction that all students receive. This tier encompasses best practices, differentiated instruction, and is constantly refined by what is working at Tier 2 and Tier 3. Typically, districts aim to see 80-90% of students in Tier 1.
  • TIER 2 – Targeted, Group Interventions: The evidence-based supports provided to students who are identified as struggling. Tier 2 interventions are typically implemented in small group settings, based on a similar need identified through assessment and for the sake of systematic efficiency. Districts typically expect to see 5-15% of students in Tier 2.
  • TIER 3 – Intensive, Individualized Interventions: The supports implemented for students not responding  to Tier 2 supports. Tier 3 supports provide more frequent, intense, and individualized interventions.  Usually, districts expect to see 1-5% of students in Tier 3.

Keep in mind that students can be in different TIERS for different needs at the same time. For example, a student might be in a TIER 2 or TIER 3 intervention for a social-emotional need (such as self-management), while at the same time succeeding in TIER 1 for math.

Meet our Teams:

Jennifer C. Rucker, SSP, District Dyslexia Coordinator/ Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

Elementary School Campus

  • Taysha Feist, CALT, Early Intervention
  • Jenna Hunt, CALT, Early Intervention
  • Lori Beck, CALT in Training, Early Intervention
  • Lisa Davis, Reading Interventionist, Early Intervention
  • Traci Humphrey, Reading Interventionist
  • Melody Kolb, Reading Interventionist

Junior High Campus

  • Lou Underwood, LDT, CALT, Dyslexia

High School Campus

  • Lou Underwood, LDT, CALT, Dyslexia
  • Branda Seider, Learning Lab