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Comanche ISD Alumni

This section is for the ex-students of Comanche ISD .  We hope to serve you through information and as a way of reaching each other.  We are hoping to redo the database to update the information.  We need you to send us your current information by completing the form (Guestbook).


Please update your information.  Many comments and or addresses are out of date!  Click on the Alumni Guestbook form on the left of this screen.  Check the box that says Updated.  Submit it. 

Hall of Fame

After the administrators in the district adopted the new motto: Enthusiastically Pursuing A Tradition of Excellence, the movement to begin honoring this tradition was born. The Comanche High School Hall of Fame was an idea shared by both new Comanche ISD Superintendent, Rick Howard, and new high school Principal, Ronnie Clifton.   Mr. Clifton organized a committee of past students of Comanche High School to set guidelines to be followed for the induction into the Hall. Along with the guidelines, the committee then selected a list of nominees for consideration. At the final meeting of the current year, the inductees were named by the committee. There is a firm belief that with the strong tradition of Comanche High School, and the pride and integrity exhibited by so many through the years, that this will become a tradition that will be carried on forever.   There are so many that deserve to be honored in such a manner and we are sure there will be a growing list of candidates for the Hall of Fame. It is the hope of all concerned that this will be one of the highest honors to be bestowed upon former students or employees of Comanche High School. 

Hall of Fame Criteria

Criteria for selection into the Hall of Fame include:

  • Anyone who attended or served Comanche High School or contributed to the welfare of Comanche High School.
  • Nominee can be from any period of time since the creation of Comanche High School, but there must be a verification of credentials.
  • Nominee must be five years removed from the high school unless deceased and then the time element is removed.
  • Persons can enter the Hall of Fame through individual or team status.

To enter the Hall of Fame, the nominee must have good moral character as determined by the selection committee. To submit a name of a person, or team of persons, for consideration, send an email to Ronnie Clifton or mail it to: Ronnie Clifton/Comanche High School/1600 N Austin/Comanche, TX 76442 .

Prior Inductees

Ex-Students Association

The Comanche Ex-Students Association welcomes memberships and donations to the Ex-Students Scholarship Fund.  Each year a scholarship is given to a deserving graduate of Comanche High School.  Donations may be sent to Tonna Clemons, 14801 Hwy 16, Comanche, TX  76442.


  • We will be happy to announce upcoming reunions, contact persons, and dates along with locations for you.  Send us an email to tell us the details.
  • After a reunion, if you will send us an updated address file on your classmates,  we will add to or update our list.  Please ask permission from the individuals for us to publish this information.